Eric and Beth's History

It all started on January 3, 2001 when I, Eric, joined to find a new friend to spend time with.

I found this profile for a girl named Beth who live North of Boston, MA

She sounded like someone I could get along with, so I took a chance and sent her this email:

Hi Beth
I can't seem to find the right person either.. Maybe this is the way to do it.  I can't tell yet, but it is worth a try.  I live on the North Shore and have for most of my life.  I am not a big swimmer, but spend my summers on my parents' boat. 
Hope to hear from you...

After receiving my email she read my profile and must have liked it as well.

In return on 1/7/01 she sent me this email:

Hi Eric,
You responded to my profile on Jdate.
I read from your profile that you live in Magnolia, MA.  Where is Magnolia Mass, I have never heard of it?  I also live on the North Shore, and am an educator at a local high school.  This is a hard email to write, so I will leave it open, what would you like to know about me? 

We then continued to email each other daily for a few weeks.

On 1/17/01 I sent her a picture of myself.

Beth followed on 1/18/01 with pictures of herself.

On 1/20/01 We started chatting online

On 1/24/01 we set a date for 1/26/01 to Meet:

Dinner at Viny Testa's in Danvers

Then to the movie:

Dinner went so well we decided to go for dessert after the movie at:

The rest is History....

Here are some pictures of us along the way

Picture from her cousin James Wedding on 5/26/02

Picture's from Our Vacation to Oshkosh Airshow 7/22/02

And the Next Step is:

Beth Butter



Marry ME??

She said YES!!!!