Our Engagement Story


On January 3, 2001, I received an email (through www.jdate.com) from Eric introducing himself to me.  After several weeks of emails and talking on the phone, we met on January 26, 2001. 


As we approached our 2nd year anniversary, we would talk in general about a future, but made no definite plans.  All of sudden in April of  2003, Eric was mysteriously busy on Saturday afternoons.  He would tell me he was meeting with one of his amateur radio friends to talk about community events that were being planned.  The reason sound legit, so I never questioned it.  (he was actually going into town to buy a ring).  Then, May 31, 2003 arrives and it started out to be an average day. Little did I know how magical the day would turn out to be….  Whenever family or friends needs us, we are there for them!  So, on May 31, 2003, Eric and I went to help my brothers business conduct a furniture yard sale, at his warehouse.  During the course of the day people commented to me how “hyper” Eric seemed to them, but I did not seem to notice. Towards the end of the yard sale, it started to rain, so everyone helped out to dismantle the yard sale into the warehouse.  Eric was in the process of rolling a sofa into the warehouse when I walked by.  He nonchalantly handed me the sofa to roll into the warehouse.  The problem… the sofa was to heavy for me to maneuver, so I gave a little yell and someone came to help me. Still I had no clue as to Eric’s behavior.  When we were done helping out, we went back to Eric’s apartment.  We no sooner walked into the apartment when Eric started to say that he had a “web site” he wanted me to look at.  I said may be later.  He insisted that I see the website at that moment.   I sat down at the computer and he opened the  website at www.ericandbeth.org/ask that was titled “Eric and Beth’s History”.  This website listed how we met, the actual first emails we sent to each other, and were we went on our first date.  Then there were pictures of Eric and I that were taken during various vacations.. (now comes the good part. ….) next were the words “And the Next Step is… Beth Butter will you  a picture of the top of a wedding cake followed by the words “Marry Me”.. I turned to my right and Eric was down on one knee, with an open ring box in his hand,  he put the ring on my finger and asked if I would marry him,. I was so excited . I started to scream and hug him.. he said does that mean YES???,  I said YES…I Will Marry You…..


Our marriage is planned for August 8, 2004 in Boston.  We will honeymoon in Tampa FL for a few days than onto a cruise to Cozumel..