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Latest Release: 20.00

Latest Changes include:
1. NEW LABVIEW Core REQUIRING New Install if Previously Installed!!
3. Bug fixes along the way

NOTE: If UPDATING from before Revision 20.00

Reminder: If Updating from before Revision 13.00 or Doing New Install!!

I MOVED THE DATA Directory to "(current User)\My Documents\NetlogData" Folder
**** YOU MUST CREATE NEW DIRECTORY & COPY OLD DATA from "...Program Files\Netlog\Data" ****

NetLog Read Me First!!

I have now devided the download files into differant sections...
Please select the correct file to download....

REMOVED UPDATE Files for Now until after Rev 20.00 gets out for a while!!

Full NetLog Install Version
This is a big Download! Please download Unzip and then run Setup
After Install is complete, if you don't have an OLD "NetLogData" Directory YOU MUST Create a Folder Named:
"NetLogData" in "(Current Usser)\My Documents" Folder
And COPY the default file ALLCALLList.txt from Install Data Directory: ie: "Program Files(x86)\NetLog\Data"
To the newly created Data directory!!

Latest Full Install

Netlog Quick Start Manual UPDATED 02-15-2016!!

Netlog Manual - New as of 11-11-13

Feature List:

Note: See Manual for more Information

New Floating Entry Window Option!! Network usable for Multi-Nets on Local Network
Net Control Section for Net Information Automatic Log File Backup every 5 minutes or on Exit (if data changed)
Recall Name & Location from Call Data File (Add if not found) Utility to Pass Logs to & from another NCS
Adds Last Check-in Date to Call Data File (Seen in Call Data Cleaner) Can Load old Log's and Continue as Current (Good when passing NCS)
View Log by - Callsign Call up or by Each Call (Toggle between Views) Custom Log Report Creator
Update Record on Multiple call-in & Time Stamp each Call Print a Callers Report, Record or Log to the printer
Frequency Field for Multi-Frequency Nets
Type Field to mark Type of Call (i.e.: Traffic, In-Out) Create an HTML file from a Log (For Website) (Timed Auto Update)
Display Filtering based on Frequency and/or Type Field Open Previous Log in Excel for easy Viewing
Search Log for Type = Traffic, Info Request, Priority Traffic (Pre-defined) Call Data File Cleaner & Creator
Traffic Alarm (Rate User Settable) Use a Custom Call Data File for Lookup (Used for Public Service)
Search for any word Add an Alternate Lookup Name if wanted (Good for Public Service)
Cut & Paste Current Log data (Used for Sending just current data to AIM) Time in 12 / 24 Hour Mode
Keeps Count of Number of Calls & Still on Net Display Filtering for Multi Frequency Nets
Call change if entered incorrectly (In Log Only) Network Mode to Share Calls for Mutable Nets at an Event
Delete Call from Log (if only 1 record from that Call) Auto Check for Software Updates (if Network Connected)

Screen Snap Shots

NetLog Revision History Notes

Program History:

This program all started when I wanted to computerize my ham club's Sunday night net. I thought it would be nice to use a look-up file to store peoples information. Then during the net I just have to enter the call sign and recall the other info. That way I have there name and location as long as I had entered it once.
I then decided to add a section to deal with type of call like In-Out and Traffic. As the program got going I just kept adding things to make it better. Then I decided we should use it for Skywarn Nets. That meant adding code for creating reports for different agencies and a utility section for sending logs to other control operators.